Master Courses

“I had a fantastic time over the last two weeks. Your course is really amazing, with the very best teachers in the world and amazing practise facilities, but above all a friendly, relaxed atmosphere which makes everything much nicer. I can already feel these last two weeks will be an important milestone in my career and my piano playing.”Arthur Bocaneanu, UK

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  • Registration deadline: June 15, 2018
  • Registrations received after June 15, 2018 will only be considered in case of free spots
  • Don’t miss the early bird deadline March 15, 2018!
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  • Note: all instrumental courses are also open for chamber music ensembles


Lied, Oratorio, Opera





CHOIR Conducting


Education Project


Laudon Opera Studio

Additional Features

Workshops & Lectures

  • Feldenkrais
    Lisa Rombach
  • Musical Entrepreneurship
    23 & 24 July
    Stefanie C. Braun
  • Analysis in Practice
    Christa Bützberger
    (Musical phenomenology)
    Jörg Birhance
Lecture & Concert
  • Egon Wellesz
    11 July
    80 years Anschluss 1938