Jörg Birhance, Conducting

26 July - 01 August: Exploring Haydn

Conducting Course with WienSinfonietta & Workshop "Methodical Pathways for Conductors"

The course consists of the practical part at Laudon Palace, Vienna, and the Workshop (also online via Zoom):


Joseph Haydn:

  • Symphony no. 43 in Eb "Merkur"
  • Symphony no. 44 in e "Mourning"
  • Symphony no. 47 in G "The Palindrome"
  • Symphony no. 59 in A "Feuersymphonie"

    Alban Berg:

    • 3 Stücke (Nr. 2, 3, 4) aus der „Lyrischen Suite“ (1926/1928) für Streichorchester (arranged by the composer, see here)

    Workshop "Methodical Pathways for Conductors" (also online via Zoom):

    • Analysis: Observation of Form as Movement (after Constantin Bugeanu)
    • Conducting technique (after Sergiu Celibidache)
    • Bar group analysis
    • Melos, Tempo, stylistic aspects, rehearsal technique

    Course in Laudon Palace:

    • Conducting Piano
    • Rehearsals and concert with WienSinfonietta (Please note that due to the restrictions of the current Covid-19-restrictions the orchestra must play in small size: 2-2, Strings 3-3-2-2-1)


    Course in Laudon Palace:

    • Day 1-2: 10-13 preparatory part, conducting Piano
    • Day 3-6: 10-13 Rehearsal with WienSinfonietta
    • Day 7: 11:00 Concert in Laudon Palace Freskensaal


    • Day 1-6: 15-18 CET
    • The course is designed for 6-10 active conductors, the seminar for up to 25 participants. No age limit. Please note study and conducting experience in the online application form.
    • Workshop Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
    • Video: rehearsals and performance will be recorded with one camera; every participant will receive a copy for private use (copyright remains with EMIV). The practical lessons will be transmitted online live to the participants of the seminar
    • Course Fee:
      • Deposit payment (as part of the course fee): EUR 600
      • Regular Course (register and pay until June 01, 2021): EUR 1200
    • Workshop and Passive Fee:
      • EUR 250
    • Application Deadline Workshop: 25 July 2021
    • Application Deadline Course: Extended to 15 June 2021
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