“The conditions for master classes at the European Music Institute Vienna are perfect for intensive work with professors and for individual practice. In Schloss Laudon you can not only find solitude for creative contemplation, but also relax in the open air. All participants have the opportunity to present themselves at a final concert during the course, which is also important.

Every participant can use this course as I did: an opportunity to prepare for an important concert or competition. After attending this year’s course with Prof. Dr. Milana Chernyavska I won the 1st prize at the renowned Santander Paloma O’Shea International Piano Competition in Spain. Here was the perfect place for my preparation.”

Dmytro Choni, Ukraine, participant with Milana Chernyavska 2017 and 2018


“I had a fantastic time over the last two weeks. Your course is really amazing, with the very best teachers in the world and amazing practise facilities, but above all a friendly, relaxed atmosphere which makes everything much nicer. I can already feel these last two weeks will be an important milestone in my career and my piano playing.”

Arthur Bocaneanu, UK, participant with Martin Hughes and Fabio Bidini 2017


“The master class was first class and the premises of the Palace were also ideal. The surroundings are beautiful. Well done all around.”

Simon Lüthy, Germany, participant with Kirill Troussov 2017


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