Wanderer in Orchestral Space: Anders Eliasson

The International Anders-Eliasson-Society

Anders Eliasson (1946-2007)
Symposion – Film – Konzert

24. Juli 2022, Beginn 14:30 Uhr
Schloss Laudon, Wien, Mauerbachstr. 43-45, 1140 Wien

I cannot fully capture the strange,
entrancing quality of Eliasson’s works in
words: its essence defies description. I
can only express my enthusiasm for the
music – there is nothing quite like it out there.
Nathan Faro in “American Record Guide”,
Mai/Juni 2022
(The symposion will be held in German and English)

14:30 – Peter Kislinger (Vienna)
… not good for those seeking rest and relaxation …
Anders Eliasson ́s symphonies 3 & 4 and his Trombone concerto as reflected in international CD reviews

14:45 – Tony Lundman (Stockholm)
Some notes on the previously unknown – from the Eliasson Archive

15:00 – Alexander Moore (Vienna)
UNHEARD OF – How to ensure contemporary composers remain unknown and/or ignored

* Pause *

15:15 – Florian Schuck (Weimar)
Moderne Harmonik bei Bach, Simpson und Eliasson

16:00 – Christoph Schlüren (Munich)
Triangulation und Quintessenz



Peter Kislinger [freier Mitarbeiter Radio Ö1 /ORF seit 1993]

Tony Lundman [Eliassons Biograph; Redakteur Konserthuset Stockholm; Gründungsmitglied und Vize-Obmann der IAES]

Alexander Moore [Musikpublizist; Kulturmanager; Managing Director von MusiConsulting; ehem. Generalsekretär Jeunesse Österreich und Dramaturg Grafenegg Festival]

Christoph Schlüren [Dirigent; Musikpublizist]

Florian Schuck [Musikwissenschaftler; Germanist; Publizist; Chefredakteur The New Listener]

Kammerkonzert und Film
19 Uhr, Freskensaal Schloss Laudon, 1140 Wien, Mauerbachstr. 43-45
Anders Eliasson (1947 – 2013) –
Schnelle Blicke … kurzes Aufscheinen / Brief Glances … Fleeting Visions

Aware of the fact he would not have to live for much longer, the Swedish composer Anders Eliasson reluctantly agreed to be interviewed by the Austrian broadcaster Peter Kislinger in his tiny and bare flat in Stockholm’s Gamla stan in July 2012.

In this rare document, directed by the Austrian filmmaker Marilie Fröhlich, the conductor Sakari Oramo, the late John-Edward Kelly (alto-saxophonist and conductor), Tony Lundman (author of Eliasson’s official biography), and Peter Kislinger give insights into Eliasson’s life, his personality, and the man’s unique music that is not based on a musical diction or a style, but merely on ‘an alphabet’, music for which there are neither concrete models nor predecessors.

Anders Eliasson passed away in his flat on the 20th May 2013, a few weeks after his 66th birthday, and a few days after he had managed to complete his String trio “Ahnungen”.

Werke von Anders Eliasson:
  • In medias för soloviolin (1970/1992)
  • Versione för piano (1973)
  • Carosello Disegno per pianoforte no 3 för piano (2005)
  • Suolo för piano (1983)
  • Ahnungen. Trio d’archi (Streichtrio für Violine, Viola und Violoncello) (2013)
Rémy Ballot, Violine
Mitglieder des Varga Quartetts Wien

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The International Anders Eliasson Society would like to thank EMIV, Jörg Birhance and the Swedish Embassy for supporting the realisation of this symposium.


Biography: Anders Eliasson was born in 1947 in the province of Dalecarlia in Sweden.

From 1966 – 1972 he  studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with among others Ingvar Lidholm (composition) and Valdemar Söderholm (harmony and counterpoint).

As far back as the 70s Eliasson was recognized as one of the most interesting Swedish composers. His orchestral works Canto in Lontanza (1977), Turnings (1978) and Canto del vagabondo (1979) were particularly acclaimed, as well as the wind quintet La fièvre (1978) and the whole series of shorter instrumental solo pieces called Disegno.

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