Mikayel Balyan

Fortepiano, Grand Piano (1830) and Clavichord

02 - 06 August

  • Program: The course is aimed at historical keyboard players as well as at pianists who want to explore their repertoire on such instruments for the first time. The course will be held with Clavichord, Fortepiano and a Grand Piano from 1830.
  • Preparation: At least 3 works by different composers, one work from Viennese Classics is recommended.
  • Instruments: the course will take place on unfretted, 5 octave clavichord, on a replica of a Schantz fortepiano from the Beethoven period by Georg Watzek, Vienna, and a Viennese Fortepiano around 1830. The instruments are also available for practice outside the course hours.
  • Qualification: adequate mastery of the instrument. Please send in a web-based tone/video document along with your application.
  • Languages: German, English, Russian, Armenian
  • Course Fee:
    • Deposit payment (as part of the course fee): EUR 300
    • Early Bird (register and pay until March 15): EUR 600
    • Regular Course (register and pay until June 01): EUR 640
    • Passive participation: EUR 300
  • Application Deadline: 01 June 2023

Please see here our Conditions of Participation.

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