Dora Schneider

Acting Studio for Singers

July 28 - August 01


  • Acting Class
    • Personal encouragement and advancement of artistic expressiveness
    • Character development (individualized approach, imaginativeness, situational thinking, internal and external motivation, physicality)
    • Fundamental preparation of situations (given circumstances, goals and challenges of a character)
    • How to follow the pace of a scene: inner movement of the character vs. antagonistic forces
    • How to work with your partner (awareness -> interpret -> react)
    • Concentration on stage (regions of attention, larger objective)
    • Discovery and development of impulse and momentum
    • Recitative/Dialogue preparation and process
  • Workshop Languages: German, English
  • Course Fee:
    • Deposit payment (as part of the course fee): EUR 150
    • As additional course to a voice course: EUR 200
    • As regular course: EUR 300
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